Union University FUGE 2016

My summer is going to be packed full with opportunities to spread the gospel. Like last year, I’m working with life ways camp, FUGE, to guide students to Jesus Christ and to be an example for other followers. Last year, as a staffer, I taught bible study and provided students with opportunities to help local people with painting, construction, or yard work (PCY). Over the 6 weeks I was down there, a couple thousand students had been through camp and almost a hundred salvations and even more rededication’s to faith! In my opinion, nothing is more humbling.

This year I’ll be at Union University in Tennessee as the Recreational Director for FUGE. This time, I will be working 7 weeks and be in charge of all the recreation and track times that the students participate in. It’s a whole new job, but I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity!

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