About Me

Hey guys! My name is Daniel, but just call me Dano. I’m a College Student at Georgetown College where I am on a Tennis Scholarship. I’m active in Intermurals, campus outreach, and in my¬†Fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha.

I enjoy being around people. That’s easily the best part about being in a fraternity, on a sports team, or even where I live on campus. Personal Connections with the people around me are what keep me going.

Plans for the future:

Future Job

Honestly though, my goal is to graduate here at Georgetown with a major in art and minor in religion. Over the summers, I’m going to continue to work with Fuge Camps (life way) and try to join their media team. I’d love to work on websites, media, or anything else in that category. I just want to do something that I know I will enjoy!

Future Life

The idea is to live in Kentucky with my wife and 3 children. It just feels right when thinking about it. I’d love to live near a lake. It would be peaceful, beautiful to look upon, and fun for the family. I would want a big house but obviously not too big for a family of 5. Next door to me would be my best friend Ethan and life would be great.